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The Spa Pipe Wholesale Future Five Trends
- Jul 13, 2017 -

The Spa Pipe wholesale future five trends

According to incomplete statistics, China's current spa tube wholesale manufacturers more than 2000, the spa tube brand on the market of our country has more than 3000, our country is currently the highest global spa tube production and sales. Brands of various manufacturers are seizing the domestic Spa Pipe market in a variety of ways. In a recent survey report, shanpu information pointed out the five trends in the development of Spa Pipe.

The report shows the five trends in the development of domestic Spa Pipe:

A, as consumer spending power has increased, the spa tube product penetration will remain at high levels, the city needs basic saturated, and personalized requirements, and the rural market will be enlarged.

2. With the white-hot market competition, the market monopoly rate of famous Spa Pipe will continue to improve, and the competition in the middle and low-end market will be even more intense.

Third, domestic brands will stick to the low end of the market, but international brands will gradually penetrate into the secondary market from the primary market.

4. The price of major Spa Pipe brand products tends to be stable or weak, and the biggest bargaining chip for other products may be price advantage.

5. The sales channels of future Spa Pipe will be complemented by various forms of business, specialty, supermarket and direct selling.

Industry insiders pointed out that the development period of China's hydro industry has been quite long, but it still can't come out of low price, low level competition. Even by the end of the 1980s, China's high-end Spa Pipe remained blank. Current home spa tube market is formed by procter & gamble, unilever, c-bons series brand and part of the domestic brands, other emerging spa brand of three types of spa brand market.

Spa tube is the most competitive one of the best cosmetic product, the current spa tube market competition have taken place in fundamental shift, on capital requirements and the improvement of barriers to entry, make a lot of small and medium-sized spa tube market is very difficult to seize market share, the entire spa tube market began to enter into the age of comprehensive army combat.

Tell you about the fake Spa Pipe:

1. Look at the packing first. Generally good spa tube packaging is very delicate, the word printed on it is very clear;

Watch bubbles. A good spa tube is very good, and you can get a lot of bubbles with a little bit of water.

3. Smell the fragrance. The better the spa tube, the lighter and closer to the natural taste

4. Easy to rinse. It's easy to rinse well and there's no sticky feeling.

5. Feeling after use. Should have hair lightness, natural smooth, will not have comb impassability phenomenon.

6. Anti-counterfeiting telephone: there are anti-counterfeiting codes on the body of real Spa Pipe and anti-counterfeiting phones.