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Three Tips To Improve The Energy Eefficiency Of HotTubs
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Hot Tub Covers

A hot tub cover is the best way to increase the energy efficiency of your hot tub. A cover insulates your spa or hot tub from the outside and it helps to retain the internal heat within the tub. Besides, a perfect fitting hot tub cover completely seals the unit from external air. The thermal pad helps retain the temperature of the water within the unit. Cumulatively, you do not have to re-heat the water inside the spa frequently. At the end of the year, you will experience a lot savings on your electricity bill.

Turning Down your Thermostat when not in use
When you are on vacation, you can turn off the thermostat. If you live in a cold region, keep the thermostat on at a low temperature, lest the water inside the spa becomes frozen. Keep the cover on when you are not using the spa for an extended period of time.


Turning OFF the Air Jets
Turn off air jets, especially ones that provide a soothing effect when you are in the unit. If you don’t turn these jets off, they can let in air and reduce the temperature of the water. This could lead to re-heating the water inside the hot tub repeatedly. Similarly, turn off the spa blowers when not in use.