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What Bath Sheet
- Sep 09, 2016 -

The domestic market, there are three acrylic sheet: special sanitary acrylic sheet, ordinary acrylic sheet and ABS acrylic composite board. After two plates because of its material itself has some flaws, in fact suitable for the manufacture bath tubs and other sanitary ware.

Acrylic Chemical Name methyl methacrylate, i.e., "acrylic." Special acrylic sheet for sanitary ware because of its excellent surface finish, wear resistance equivalent to aluminum, easy to wipe the hair, easy cleaning. If you scratch the surface accident occurred, just use the polishing agent, you can quickly and easily trim removed. Since then the sheet itself has a certain degree of flexibility, even if the surface is subject to certain impact also easy to crack, break. In addition, special sanitary acrylic sheet there is a strong corrosion resistance and transparency, and because the pigments can be integrated into the sheet material, and thus its color is very stable, long-term sun light and rain will not fade. Therefore, special sanitary acrylic sheet in addition to being used for indoor and outdoor decoration, but also widely used in various other sectors.