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What Circumstances Should Not Wash The Spa Step
- Aug 04, 2017 -

What circumstances should not wash the Spa Step
Although the Spa Step have many advantages, but the amount can also cause a series of systemic physiological changes. High temperature and humidity environment to speed up the heart rate, a certain degree of blood pressure increased, and cold water immersion will slow down the heartbeat, blood pressure. Therefore, the need for indoor temperature, humidity and bathing time, including the number of hot and cold exchange should be strictly controlled. In the first bath, the high temperature steam chamber can only stay for 5 minutes, and then gradually extend the residence time in the high humidity steam room. As the Spa Step have a certain impact on the human body, so the following circumstances should not wash the Spa Step:
1, fasting can not Spa Step, so as not to cause collapse. Just after the brain with excessive or intense exercise, not the Spa Step, can cause brain anemia or shock.
2, half an hour after the meal is not suitable for Spa Step, it is because the high temperature so that the skin blood vessels to expand, a large number of blood reflux, thus affecting the blood supply of digestive organs, hinder the digestion and absorption of food.
3, steamed sauna do not immediately contact with cold air, to prevent the temperature caused by severe contraction of blood vessels caused by stroke.
4, after the steaming sauna must be added to the water, it is best in the spa before the first step to drink two cups of boiled water, in the steaming process do not forget to pay, because in the process of the Spa Step, the body will lose a lot of body fluids , If not timely replenishment of moisture may lead to the occurrence of heat and so on.
5, cold patients should not Spa Step. Because the sauna room hidden Cryptococcus and other bacteria through the respiratory tract into the human body, easily lead to pneumonia and so on.
6, the Spa Step do not wear jewelry, like jade, necklaces, watches and so easy to heat, do not care will burn the skin.
7, the elderly are not suitable for Spa Step, because the relationship between the age of their body temperature adjustment center has been less sensitive. In the course of the spa process, because it will be a lot of sweat, will make the blood becomes viscous, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of various cardiovascular disease in the elderly. So older people do not fit the Spa Step.
8, the Spa Step do not apply lotion like cosmetics, because it will block the pores, to prevent sweat evaporation.
9, excessive fatigue or hunger do not wash the Spa Step. People in the fatigue or hunger when the muscle tension is poor, cold and heat to stimulate the ability to reduce the washing step is easy to cause collapse.
10, pregnant women and girls during menstruation is not suitable for hot springs, or will occur upside infection.
11, the time of the spa should not be too long, too long, excessive sweating will make people indecisive; and the temperature is too high, will make people breathing difficult. Under normal circumstances, in the sauna room for 5-10 minutes to stay out of breathable. The temperature setting varies from person to person, it is recommended that the dry steam temperature between 80 ℃ and 85 ℃, will make people feel more moderate.
12, after drinking Spa Step should not be. A large number of drinking will make the brain's nervous system dominance function decline, this time if the Spa Step, the role of alcohol, excessive sweat volume will make the body quickly dehydration and cause syncope.
13, although the steps can be decompression, weight loss, beauty, but excessive Spa Step can cause a variety of diseases, so we should insure health insurance. Early purchase of a suitable health insurance, on the one hand can improve the insured's health protection, on the other hand can also be passed at the crucial moment of the patient's family financial risk.
The Spa Step should vary from person to person, and it is advisable to first take a look at the Spa Step before the Spa Step. In the spa step we should bear in mind that the fasting can not be a step in the spa, the cold patient can not have the Spa Step, the pregnant women and the menstrual women are not suitable for the Spa Step and so on.
Although to a certain extent, the traditional sauna to promote the body a lot of perspiration, relieve fatigue, relaxation joints, enhance peace, weight loss beauty and other effects, but there are also some drawbacks. As the traditional sauna in the use of the process are in a small space in the cabin, due to the internal temperature is too high, easy to burn the skin, air humidity, and no air can flow through the window, the oxygen content of the house will drop, People feel chest tightness shortness of breath, poor breathing, easy to increase the burden on the heart, people collapse. Therefore, some patients with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes can not be used. Because the traditional sauna will cause a wide range of fluctuations in blood pressure, increase the heart load, easy to cause high blood pressure, heart disease recurrence, accidents or even life-threatening.