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What Is A Spa Tray? What Treatment Effect Can A Spa Tray Achieve
- Jul 05, 2017 -

What is a Spa Tray? What treatment effect can a Spa Tray achieve

Hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy) is a method of using water with different temperature, pressure and solute content in different ways to protect the body against disease. The effects of the Spa Tray on the human body mainly include temperature stimulation, mechanical stimulation and chemical stimulation.

The effect of the Spa Tray is as follows:

1. Heat effect: warm water can promote blood circulation, metabolism, relax muscles and soften soft tissues.

2. Cold effect: cold water can reduce pain, inflammation and edema.

3. Buoyancy: use the buoyancy of water to share some of the weight, and can easily exercise, as a boost to the movement.

4. Water purification pressure: one of the resistance sources of edema and muscle strength training.

Viscosity (from the attraction of water molecules) : viscosity can be seen as a source of resistance to strength training in water. In water movement, the resistance should be considered with buoyancy (booster), and the appropriate training technique can be used to treat patients' needs with buoyancy or resistance.

6. Mechanical effect: generate vortex (turbulence) which can be used to clean the scabs of open wounds and old dressing.

The basic factors for treatment of Spa Tray mechanism and Spa Tray method are:

1. Temperature stimulation

The temperature of the temperature is higher than or below the temperature of the body, and the warm and cold stimulation can cause the human body to produce a completely different reaction, and the reaction to the cold stimulus is rapid and intense. The response to warm and warm stimuli is slower and less intense. Water temperature and the temperature difference between the larger, stronger response, wide temperature scope of stimulate the area of stimulus is stronger, the duration of the effect in a certain time range is proportional to the degree of reaction, such as cold stimulation caused excitement in a short time, after a long period of time can cause paralysis, temperatures stimulate the repeated application of the reaction is abate, so in the Spa Tray should gradually increase the stimulation intensity, in order to maintain enough reaction.

2. Mechanical stimulation

The Spa Tray contains a variety of mechanical stimuli.

Hydrostatic pressure stimulation: in ordinary pelvic baths, hydrostatic pressure is 40 ~ 60g/cm. The patient needs to breathe in a certain degree of difficulty, and the patient needs to breathe heavily to compensate. This regulates the metabolism of the gas. Hydrostatic pressure affects blood circulation, and the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels of the pressure surface can induce fluid reflux to increase, resulting in fluid redistribution in the body.

Chemical stimulation

Freshwater bath water contains trace minerals. If a small amount of mineral salts, drugs and gases are added to the water, the stimulation of these chemical substances can enhance the function of the Spa Tray and give the body special therapeutic effect.