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What Is Kampo PVC Spa Cover And Its Effectiveness
- Sep 06, 2017 -

What is Kampo PVC Spa Cover and its effectiveness
 What is Kampo PVC Spa Cover and its effectiveness, what is Kampo PVC Spa Cover? Kampo PVC Spa Cover effect? PVC Spa Cover general impression is derived from the West, but in traditional Chinese health, as many good herbs and physical therapy methods, these essence and PVC Spa Cover process combination, is a unique Han Fang PVC Spa Cover. Spring is the season of the liver, flower beauty beauty club recently the most popular Kampo health, combined with the PVC Spa Cover, Meridian, the concept of four seasons health, so that you in a physical treatment, harvest skin and viscera health.
Combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory PVC Spa Cover, the group usually collect natural plants, through the natural plant energy to activate the body's own balance mechanism, the use of the body's five senses, from the sense of smell, touch, taste, perception, hearing different aspects of full feelings PVC Spa Cover gives full contact with body, mind and spirit. At the same time, often using the traditional meridian, massage health care techniques, the body of fine, blood, body fluid, gas to reconcile, from the inside and outside the common role to reconcile.
The first step:
Kampo detoxification
Twenty minutes of the Kampo PVC Spa Cover is the first step in this course, replacing the original PVC Spa Cover in the flower bath. PVC Spa Cover package contains the growth of Ailaoshan in the original ecological environment in the unique thirty-eight kinds of precious plants, combined with the thermal effect of hot water, you will feel the body of each pore are slowly open, blood flow Speed up, those nutrition, health and sterilization detoxification function of the essence of the slightest infiltration into the body, and through the role of microcirculation in the body of the various organs and skin cells to promote the body's skin cells active, usually sweating people will soon Sweat dripping, Dayton feel smooth. A lot of sweat and toxins together from the body, so that the metabolism to speed up the improvement of local tissue nutrition and body function, and to clear the meridians. For some wind-heat dampness caused by rheumatoid bone pain, arthritis and other diseases can be wet and detoxification, moisturizing itching. On the insomnia, constipation, fatigue, frozen shoulder has a unique role in improving.
Step 2:
Meridian nourishing
In the Kaoru PVC Spa Cover get detoxification to relax, you can get up beautiful beauty lying on the beauty bed, start π element liver and gallbladder meridian health care. Flower God selected meridian π element, is a body meridian, viscera, spine required energy and research and development of the elements. π elements using elemental molecular collision principle to make molecules produce smaller elements, molecules after this easy to enter the body, the body cells more easily absorbed, this process is called π.
third step:
Medicated care
Diet in the diet, the flower god beauty club has been a good boiled for your liver health soup pot. In the spring to eat less sour food to prevent the liver gas too busy; and sweet food into the spleen, can tonic temper, so you can eat a little more. Such as glutinous rice, black rice, sorghum, oats, pumpkin, lentils, walnuts, chestnuts, etc., in addition to the "sweet food", but also focus on tonic grains and fruits and vegetables, such as glutinous rice,
PVC Spa Cover of the most, it can be said to be a long-standing body care technology, in ancient civilization in Greece, Rome, India, China, have a wealth of resources and cultural records. The physiological effect of massage is to obtain medical affirmative, it is the flow of blood, lymph circulation, nervous system interaction, psychological effects, etc., have a long effect, can adjust the breathing, blood oxygen, to relax, calm and so on Efficiency, if combined with skin care products, the effect is better.