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What Is The Beauty Of The Chocolate Spa Cover Treatment?
- Sep 06, 2017 -

What is the beauty of the chocolate Spa Cover treatment?
Spa Cover Massage Chocolate Spa Cover What are the beauty effects of chocolate Spa Cover treatments? What is the chocolate Spa Cover? Today, many countries are set off such a trend: with chocolate to do Spa Cover. This new type of beauty body not only in the name to attract new customers, its health care and skin care effect is to make a lot of fashion people is difficult to resist its temptation. From the United States Hexi Hotel first launched chocolate Spa Cover began, many high-end Spa Cover center in New York has also launched a chocolate cheese Spa Cover treatment and cocoa bubble bath. Then, a Spa Cover in southwestern Austria has launched a new service for Chocolate Bubble Bath. Recently, in China's Shanghai and Macau, some high-end beauty salons have also launched a chocolate Spa Cover.
Chocolate is rich in cocoa polyphenols, protein and non-saponified, able to tighten the skin, so tired, relaxed face contours look younger. Especially hot chocolate, but also has a very good mitigation effect, can promote the skin blood circulation, remove the aging epidermal cells, so that the skin glow. At the same time, chocolate is rich in vitamin A, E, can enhance blood circulation, and cocoa oil can moisturize the skin, remove hair follicles every day accumulation of dirt, with a certain cosmetic effect.
What is the beauty of the chocolate Spa Cover treatment?
In addition, the cocoa powder contains a caffeine-like alkaloid, it can directly act on the nervous system, stimulate the human physiological cycle, so that the skin to maintain flexibility and vitality. Cocoa powder also contains vitamin B2, and potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and other elements, can effectively promote the muscle and body reflex system, and stimulate blood circulation. So chocolate beauty in the lifting of fatigue, improve people's mental state also has a very good effect.
In addition, the chocolate can also suppress depression, especially dark chocolate, more people can produce pleasure. According to a recent poll, 34% of French women and 38% of Canadian women admitted that they prefer to eat chocolate to improve sexual pleasure, which is due to chocolate stimulation of sex.
In fact, chocolate Spa Cover can also be done at home. For many years engaged in beauty teaching work Pang Chao teacher said that the 1000 grams of chocolate, with about 45 degrees Celsius warm water into liquid after mixing, but can not stir too thick or too thin to apply to the skin does not drop drops Do not form a block is appropriate To the body when applied to the fast, otherwise the chocolate will be a cold condensation; after a little massage, time control in 20 minutes or less.
Different hydrotherapy procedures can be combined for specific treatment purposes. To achieve the desired purpose. Should be in about seven to ten days to carry out a Spa Cover treatment. Preventive Medicine The World Health Organization defines the word "health": "Health is not just a matter of a physical illness, but also a holistic and holistic nature of the psychological and social dimension, and the Spa Cover can meet this goal." A series of treatment process, and in the Spa Cover center, people can experience and practice the ideal and principles of healthy life.In addition, the treatment of the center, allows you to temporarily exempt from vulgar and social pressure.
In order to maintain good health and maintain a good body, you must consider a variety of factors, such as the extraction of low calorie diet, exercise, stimulate blood circulation and lymph circulation, relaxation of tension muscles, more rest, these are part of the Spa Cover. In addition, the Spa Cover can also absorb all kinds of minerals and rare elements through the skin to restore the internal balance of cells, but unfortunately by the lymphatic circulation of the penetration and stimulation, remove toxins, with the effect of continuous recovery of physical fitness.
Spa Cover treatments are most commonly used to prevent specific diseases such as cardiovascular disease and fight against fatigue. Because all the organs inside the body are interacting with the reflective area on the skin, the water bed of the Spa Cover can produce a healing effect during the course of treatment, thereby reducing the total blood volume of the human brain and the spinal cord.