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Which Crowd Is Not Suitable For Spa Cover
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Which crowd is not suitable for Spa Cover
Menstrual women: menstrual women with low physical resistance, frequent access to the Spa Cover room, hot and cold many times alternately, easily lead to cold virus and bacterial infection, the impact on health. Elderly: the elderly body organs varying degrees of recession, forced sweating easily lead to electrolyte imbalance, combined with respiratory function decline, can not get enough oxygen in time to supplement, ranging from health hazards, while the risk of life. Overworked or hungry people: such groups of people in the cell tension is poor, cold and heat stimulation tolerance will be reduced, easily lead to collapse, swelling and other symptoms. Heart disease, high blood pressure crowd: spa treatment room temperature is high, low humidity, air speed, oxygen content is lower than the outdoor, can lead to rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, increased heart load, easily lead to high blood pressure, heart disease Sudden, unexpected or even life-threatening.
Want to reduce the harm of Spa Cover, we should pay special attention to the following methods: 1. Suitable for steam treatment care? First to ensure that they do not have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, women are not in menstruation, pregnancy, and not in the fatigue, eating enough or fasting and other state. 2. Spa Cover steam how long: Spa Cover generally a time control in 45 minutes or so, and timely to add water in the middle. 3. how long spa treatment once: Spa Cover can be carried out once a week, up to no more than 2 times. 4. After the care of the water care: women in the Spa Cover before the first remover, the spa treatment process do not frequent access to the Spa Cover room, to drink the right amount of warm water, if the water treatment feel dizzy and other discomfort, to immediately stop the Spa Cover, After appropriate rest, discomfort disappears and continues. After the spa treatment do not immediately take a bath, eat cold drinks, drink cold water or other things, keep warm and so on.
 Spa Cover can remove moisture from the body.
Spa Cover process will be a lot of perspiration in the process of perspiration in the body of the cold and humid gas will be discharged with the together. To pay attention to the spa can not only help deep perspiration, but also to speed up the body's metabolism, speed up the cycle, deep-seated away the body of garbage, cold and wet.
Swimming pool is generally used continuously, can not guarantee absolute health and safety, so the pores of the skin easily sticky dirt. Spa Cover can speed up the body's blood circulation, open pores, promote lactic acid and metabolic waste discharge, not only can help the body to restore energy, out of the sweat can also take away the pores of the dirt, to prevent bacterial fungi with the pores into the skin. There is also in the process of Spa Cover, tourmaline release of far infrared can penetrate the underlying skin, activate the skin cells, promote skin cell metabolism, help aging and residual waste in the cell discharge, so that the skin is more white and delicate The
Spa Cover is a new way of health, the temperature of the spa treatment room will generally be controlled at 40-50 degrees.
The benefits of Spa Cover are numerous, such as:
1, Spa Cover can promote blood circulation, increase heart blood flow, improve myocardial contractility and body oxygen content.
2, Spa Cover can lose weight, promote the body's body fat burning, for reducing the blood viscosity effect is good.
3, Spa Cover can enhance human immunity, increase cell activity, accelerate the body's metabolic rate of heavy metals.
4, Spa Cover and maintenance of skin, Spa Cover when the human skin pores open, just to absorb the spa treatment indoor moist water vapor, so that the skin is flexible and flexible.
5, it is said that the spa can also prevent cancer, many people use the way of Spa Cover to control the growth of cancer cells.