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Why Should We Buy A Spa Cover Lifter?
- Aug 11, 2018 -

Buying a spa cover is an investment, not only due to the price of a high-quality model, but using a cover is so important to the lifespan of your spa. But after you have got the perfect spa cover, you may find yourself using your hot tub a little less frequently. It could be that lugging the 50 to 75 pound, bulky, awkward spa cover around by hand is a bit less convenient than you anticipated. Maybe it is time to do yourself and your back, a favor and invest in a spa cover lifter.

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Sure, you could probably manage moving a brand-new spa cover by hand. They are only about as heavy as a large bag of dog food. But it is not just about the weight.

The size and shape of your spa cover can make it difficult, or at least awkward to remove and stow without someone to help you. Bending and lifting large, heavy things can put your back at serious risk of injury.

If you don't want to call for backup every time you need to remove or replace the cover, a spa cover lifter is just what you need. Even the simplest models enable you to uncover and cover your spa on your own with little effort.

Over time, even with the best vapor barrier money can buy, your cover will start to absorb water that evaporates from your spa. Over time, your cover's weight will start to creep upward as it retains more water. When your cover is irreparably waterlogged, you will need to replace it, but until then, a little mechanical help in moving it will make your life easier.

Using a spa cover lifter is like having an extra pair of hands to help you open your hot tub. Making this task easier means you can pop your spa open for quick water chemistry checks, easy spa cover cleaning, and solo soaks without hurting yourself.

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