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Why To Choose The Luxury Spa Cover
- Aug 24, 2017 -

Many people enter into hot tub ownership with the intention of having a place to go and relax. Some intend to use it for therapy or relieving a specific ache or condition. And others, still, use their spa primarily for social reasons like entertaining or creating more quality time. Whether enjoying your hot tub for any of these reasons with a spouse, family, friends, or simply by yourself, the right accessories can enhance your experience. The best hot tub accessories can make all the difference between the average soak and the absolute best hot tub experience you could imagine.


As you decide on which spa accessories to invest in, consider your lifestyle, your spa model, and what you want from your hot tub. Perhaps you’re looking to entertain guests and want superb sound. Or you may want a place with the right mood for meditation or an ultra-comfortable place to unwind and de-stress. And everybody wants their spa to be safe and easily maintained.


To help determine which hot tub accessories best fit your lifestyle and meet your needs, we have developed this comprehensive list, categorized them, and provided descriptions of the benefits of each accessory.


Seems simple but one of the keys to enjoying your hot tub is being able to get in and out easily and safely. There are many creative ways to install your spa completely or partially in the ground for easy access and many accessories like steps and hand holds that will make entry and exit safe and simple.

A locking spa cover or cover with locking clips is simply a must. In addition to helping you keep your spa clean and energy efficient, your hot tub cover is your first line of defense. Make sure that your spa cover latches firmly and locks. This will keep small children from accidentally entering the spa.


A locking spa cover will also keep uninvited larger children, teens, adults, and even animals out of your spa at times when you may not be home.

One of the most convenient accessories, which we highly recommend, is a cover lifter or lift assist as they are often called.


These devices make lifting your cover off the spa simple, even for one person. They also hold your cover out of the way while you soak. When positioned correctly, your cover resting up out of the way on the cover lift can even act as a privacy shield.