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Your Ideal Spa Cover
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Guangzhou Taisheng Sanitary Ware Technology Co., LTD provides your idea spa covers. Each cover feature the highest quality materials and good craftsmanship. Combined with the comprehensive customer service provided by TSPK, you’ll discover it’s good to choose us to purchase your ideal spa cover.

Top Marine Grade Vinyl

Treated mildew and UV inhibitors to keep its beauty through all seasons. The vinyl has also been treated with mold and mildew inhibitors and U.V. protection. Available in 17 colors.

High Density Foam -- Vapor Proof Barrier

Unlike other manufacturers that use flat foam, we use tapered closed cell virgin foam core. Tapered foam for maximum runs off rainwater and add strength and insulation. The foam is available in a variety of densities. Most importantly, the foam is reinforced with a steel C channel for extra support.

Meets ASTM Safety Standards

Safety is especially important around spas and hot tubs and if you have small children or pet you must be even more careful. Prevent children or intruders from tampering with the spa. May be locked with a key. Helps to keep cover on when the wind blows. In order to help maintain a fun experience when using the spa all of our spa covers or exceeds ASTM safety standards.

Best Warranty

Our spa covers come with a 3-5 year warranty. If the damage is a problem with our product itself, not a human factor, we can send a new one for free to our customers. Taisheng spa covers have been in business for over 10 years and stands behind their covers.