Spa Accessory

One of our most popular spa side accessoires, it is a handy place to put cell phones, drinks, and more. Its sturdy, versatile, attractive, and is a perfect addition to any hot tub. Makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys spending time in a hot tub. 1)Sturdy reinforced plastic tray on an aluminum post. 2)Swings toward and away from the spa for easy access. 3)27 inches long x 19 inches wide. 4)Quickly mounts on virtually any spa.
  • Hot Tub Steps

    Hot Tub Steps

    Taisheng Hot Tub Steps are made of PP raw material. It is a new eco-friendly material, a very good alternative to wood.Read More
  • Hot Tub Protection Bag

    Hot Tub Protection Bag

    Taisheng Hot Tub Protection Bag is intended to be designed as a protection to the whole hot tub.Read More
  • Spa Filter with Semi-circular Handle

    Spa Filter with Semi-circular Handle

    How often would you change another filter? Have you ever want to order better filters from China with cheaper price? As we all know, every hot tub need a filter to keep the water clean and the system running, prevent ourselves out from the dirty water with bacterium....Read More
  • Customizable Solid Wood Swim Spa Ladder

    Customizable Solid Wood Swim Spa Ladder

    The Customizable Solid Wood Swim Spa Ladder is an ideal fit to the swim spa.It ia availed with below advantages: 1. Simple structure and convenient to use , easy to install and take down. 2. It is suitable for all spa, bathtub and whirlpools in different shapes and size. 3....Read More
  • 3/4'' Swim Hot Tub Spa Pipe

    3/4'' Swim Hot Tub Spa Pipe

    Our 3/4" high quality PVC spa pipe is always popular with our customers because of its better performance than others. It can suitable for food or beverage fluids, medical drainage and low-pressure general delivery lines. It is common use in our life. Others, premier can also...Read More
  • 3/8'' Swim Hot Tub Spa Pipe

    3/8'' Swim Hot Tub Spa Pipe

    Pipe is the base of the hot tub, it is inside the hot tub to provide the best service for hot tub. We all hope the pipe can be used for years. Our best quality PVC swim spa pipe is suitable for any plumbing of hot tub water jets, air systems and etc, you can find it in...Read More
  • Aluminium Swim Spa Towel Bar

    Aluminium Swim Spa Towel Bar

    Where you put the towel when you don't use it? Just let them on the edge of spa? Or have something professional design? Like the towel bar. Our Spa Side Towel Bar provides a convenient way to keep spa towels close by and dry. Folds up flat against the hot tub when not in use,...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Hot Tub Towel Bar

    Stainless Steel Hot Tub Towel Bar

    As we all know, a hot tub has cover to keep the heat and protect the hot tub, also has a lifter to hold the cover and tray to keep things for use easilly, and a step, a handrail to enter hot tub conveniently. But have you ever think of a towel bar to put the towel when we...Read More
  • Aluminium Swim Spa Tray

    Aluminium Swim Spa Tray

    As we all know, we use the spa to relax ourself in most cases. When we use the spa, we hope that we can sit in it as long as we can and do not have to get out for some other reasons, like we want a drink, or use the cellphone and etc. So the spa tray is so important for us....Read More
  • Stainless Steel Swim Spa Tray

    Stainless Steel Swim Spa Tray

    Mostly, we use the spa when we want to relax after working or exercising, then we will spend a long time in it. In this situation, you would just sit in the spa or find some other things to do? Such as, do you want a drink or a book to enjoy the spa time together? When there...Read More
  • Aluminium Swim Spa Handrail

    Aluminium Swim Spa Handrail

    When we going up the stairs, we would hold the handrail to keep stand and not fall over. Also the same reason for the hand-held elevator in subway station. There are so many place we have to use the handrail to protect ourselves or for convenient. And this is why we should...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Swim Spa Handrail

    Stainless Steel Swim Spa Handrail

    Our stainless steel spa handrail at affordable price is popular on the market because of the high quality and low price. All our partners said that their customers are satisfied with the handrails and will keep ordering from them. Others,our weatherable and durable spa...Read More
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Taisheng Sanitary Ware now has high-quality spa accessory with ASTM certification for sale, which is well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various equipment used for spa in China. Now, welcome to buy low price spa accessory products at a discount with our factory, which can offer timely consulting service and fast delivery.