Spa Pipe

  • 3/4'' Swim Hot Tub Spa Pipe

    3/4'' Swim Hot Tub Spa Pipe

    Our 3/4" high quality PVC spa pipe is always popular with our customers because of its better performance than others. It can suitable for food or beverage fluids, medical drainage and low-pressure general delivery lines. It is common use in our life. Others, premier can also...Read More
  • 3/8'' Swim Hot Tub Spa Pipe

    3/8'' Swim Hot Tub Spa Pipe

    Pipe is the base of the hot tub, it is inside the hot tub to provide the best service for hot tub. We all hope the pipe can be used for years. Our best quality PVC swim spa pipe is suitable for any plumbing of hot tub water jets, air systems and etc, you can find it in...Read More
Taisheng Sanitary Ware now has high-quality spa pipe with ASTM certification for sale, which is well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various equipment used for spa in China. Now, welcome to buy low price spa pipe products at a discount with our factory, which can offer timely consulting service and fast delivery.