Towel Bar

  • Aluminium Swim Spa Towel Bar

    Aluminium Swim Spa Towel Bar

    Where you put the towel when you don't use it? Just let them on the edge of spa? Or have something professional design? Like the towel bar. Our Spa Side Towel Bar provides a convenient way to keep spa towels close by and dry. Folds up flat against the hot tub when not in use,...Read More
  • Stainless Steel Hot Tub Towel Bar

    Stainless Steel Hot Tub Towel Bar

    As we all know, a hot tub has cover to keep the heat and protect the hot tub, also has a lifter to hold the cover and tray to keep things for use easilly, and a step, a handrail to enter hot tub conveniently. But have you ever think of a towel bar to put the towel when we...Read More
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