Spa Cover

1) Top vinyl: Marine Grade top vinyl reinforce the function of Waterproof ,Anti-Mildew, Moistureproof , UV resistance,Cold cracking resistance, Abrasion resistance. 2) Bottom vinyl:made of pvc ,resistant to mildew,cold cracking ,abrasion. 3) Foam :Tapered 100% virgin resin Expanded PolyStyrene(EPS) foam cores with the density of 25kg/cbm or 32kg/cbm for optimum strength and foam is vacuum sealed. 4) Heat sealed vapor shield: PE 6 mil plastic or can de made of high quality aluminized paper. 5) Gauge Aluminum C-Channel: Lighter, extra strength and corrosion proof, ensuring structural integrity for the life of cover,which is 55mm width. 6) Handle:Tear-resistant reinforced nylon handles for easy opening and closing . 7) Strap :Four tie-down straps with Security Childproof Locks. 8) Skirt :Perimeter skirt that helps keep heat in and Insulate dust and dirty ,4.5inch long. 9) Corrosion Proof Nylon Zipper: Large #8 zipper with protective flap will not corrode or pull apart. 10)The hinge: 4 layer,quadruple reinforced hinge to help this most-worked part . 11) The heat stopper pads:that eliminates heat loss . 12) The weep holes : in the bottom of the cover allow condensated water to drain. 13) Thread: Double stitched with high grade bonded polyester,UV resistance.
  • Walk On Hot Tub Covers

    Walk On Hot Tub Covers

    From end of 2017 till now 2018, What covers do we export most? --Our walk on hot tub covers. How special is it? Because it can withstand whatever heavy or thick snow. We know in Northern Europe, Nortern Canada, there will be extremly cold weather. Snow will get higher than a...Read More
  • Roll Covers For Spa

    Roll Covers For Spa

    ​The Roll Covers for Spa is a User-Friendly cover. It make it much easier for a singer person to control the cover open& closed.Read More
  • Whirlpool spa Cover

    Whirlpool spa Cover

    Once we had a Sweden customer came to our booth in the Lyon Show in France. He tested our on-displaying cover by climbing on it and walking violently. He became smiling. And later... He asked his 4 partners and also Me to stand on our cover together. Then...he started to...Read More
  • Hard Hot Tub Covers

    Hard Hot Tub Covers

    We are specializing in spa cover for more than 15 years, we have developed our craftsmanship for times, in order to provide customers with the best Spa Cover.Read More
  • Strong Stand On Spa Cover

    Strong Stand On Spa Cover

    We all use virgin foam for our strong stand on spa cover. They are designed to a tapered thickness, generally, 5’’-3’’, 4-3’’ and 4-2’’ in a variety of densities to meet customers’ need. Cover standards will depend based on the climates of your area.Read More
  • Roll Up Spa Covers

    Roll Up Spa Covers

    ​The Roll up Spa Covers are innovative one-piece design. It offers a complete seal for the swim spa and in-ground pool. locking in the heat, saving energy consumption and cost.Read More
  • Rolling Hot Tub Cover

    Rolling Hot Tub Cover

    ​Is our newly developed item in 2018. This is an upgrade version of general rolling cover. It is more flat, being able to carry heavier load without getting damage to its structure.Read More
  • Spa Safety Cover

    Spa Safety Cover

    Once in 2014, a big customer came to us, he told us he was looking for a new spa cover supplier that could produce very durable covers to them.Read More
  • Hot Tub Thermal Cover

    Hot Tub Thermal Cover

    ​This is not a simple standard cover, but a high-end cover. It targets to be the best mate to all big hot tub brands.Read More
  • Homemade Hot Tub Covers

    Homemade Hot Tub Covers

    ​Taisheng homemade hot tub covers are specially designed to be the perfect mate of your deluxe hot tub. It acts as an excellent insulation.Read More
  • Alternative Hot Tub Covers

    Alternative Hot Tub Covers

    With 15 years’ OEM experience, we avail our customers with all types of alternative hot tub covers and cover most of the European markets upon the covers.Read More
  • Hot Tub Spa Covers

    Hot Tub Spa Covers

    Being the most professional OEM factory in China with 15 years’ experience, we avail our customers with all types of hot tub spa covers.Read More
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Taisheng Sanitary Ware now has high-quality spa cover with ASTM certification for sale, which is well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various equipment used for spa in China. Now, welcome to buy low price spa cover products at a discount with our factory, which can offer timely consulting service and fast delivery.