Homemade Hot Tub Covers

​Taisheng homemade hot tub covers are specially designed to be the perfect mate of your deluxe hot tub. It acts as an excellent insulation.

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Product Details

Taisheng homemade hot tub covers are specially designed to be the perfect mate of your deluxe hot tub. It acts as an excellent insulation. Reflecting heat to the hot tub water to make least heat loss. It keeps the young children or peds out of reaching the hot tub. It covers your hot tub from unwanted foreign objects and also withstand all kinds of harsh weather.

Why We Are Your Best Choice of Cover Suppliers?

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From the beginning we start the business of spa covers, we devote ourselves to providing the best homemade hot tub covers to all our customers. We target high level quality products. We understand fighting for low price will never be a good strategy for a long lasting business.  We are the most experienced manufacturer in China being responsible to all our customers always by providing them with the best quality covers. Besides, we have helped many customers build up their hot tub brand image by our ZERO complaint spa covers. Now we are building up our own cover brand gradually among European and the US markets. And we are growing, always.

Quality control and Guarantee for our homemade hot tub covers
1)Each step, each thread, and each stitch is subject to a double inspection in order to assure an exceptional quality finished product.

2)ASTM certificate and SGS certificate

3)CAD Cutting System to ensure absolute accuracy and fitness of the entire cover

4)3-5years warranty

Skin Features

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Our plastic hot tub covers are made of 100% high density heavy weight marine grade vinyl, which is so far the top standard vinyl used for cover skins.  They are with the below advantages:  

1. Resist sun rays to prevent the leather aging problem and remains a beauty look

2. Cold- crack resistant under cold temperature to 20 degree below Zero.

3. Mildew Resistant under humid weather, to ensure you a long-lasting cover

4. Tearing strength up to 25 kgs

5. Tested to bear 1500 hours of ultraviolet ray

Our Certificates

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Our Packaging&Delivery

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What’s a long thermal pad?

A long pad in the middle of two half covers

What’s the use of a thermal pad?

to stop the heat from going out

What’s the radius corner?

According to your spa radius corner. We have a measure method as below...

How can I confirm the radius corner of my cover?

measure the Corner Radius.png

Firstly, you need a carpenter's square.

Secondly, place the carpenter’s square on the corner of your existing cover or on the corner of your hot tub.

Thirdly, the measurement from the inside corner of the carpenter’s square--A to the point where it first touches the hot tub--B. The distance--R is exactly the radius of the rounded corner.

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