Hot Springs Hot Tub Cover

​This hot springs hot tub cover are OEM made in accordance with Hot spring standard. It’s a deluxe standard cover with a 5-year-warranty. Featured of 2.0 lb density foam, it can support 200~300KGS’ load.

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Product Details

This hot springs hot tub cover are OEM made in accordance with Hot spring standard. It’s a deluxe standard cover with a 5-year-warranty. Featured of 2.0 lb density foam, it can support 200~300KGS’ load. The foam is tapered from the middle to each edge to make water flow away faster. From the decent texture of skin to every perfect-fit corner, and to every single thread, it shows our professional technology and responsibility to every customer. We are always your best choice of cover suppliers.

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Product Parameter of the hot springs hot tub cover

1. Fabric: We use senior grade artificial leather(PU) fabric for spa cover, which has the characteristics of waterproof,UV resistance,heat-resistance, burn-resistance, anti-mildew, wear-resistance and so on. Artificial feather fabric has lot of color can be choose. There have 14 colors are popular. (Black,Brown,Coffee,Grey and so on) Also we can produce according to customer provide.

2. Filler: We use 25kg/m³ high-density of EPS foam which can enhance the insulating value and improve the heat-retaining capacity, in this case,we can help consumer to save energy. It also can enhance strength and toughness of our spa cover for better solving snow-laden situation in Nordic country of cold winter.

3. Fasten: Aluminum alloy slot is installed into foam of both sides for improving supporting strength. We use superior UVR polyester thread to double sewing in order to be more strength and tear-resistance.

4. Lining(back side) : We use cold cracking resistance,heat-resistance,anti-mildew and tear-resistance fabric.

5. Tie-down straps: Humanized design(user-friendly),provide 4 locks with belts,its safety performance is better than ASTM standard.

6. Durable handle is on two sides of spa cover in order to use and carry the spa cover and convenient.

7. Using L size(8#) zipper which is strong and durable. Moisture-proof,extra long hemline and quality production ensure spa cover can fix spa and bath tightly. It can prevent dirt,dust and other pollutants to get into the bathtub,and enhance tightness and insulating value.

8. Strict and excellent process can ensure seam compactly so as to prevent water temperature and steam to lose.

9. Customize the design and process according to customer needs.(Size,Shape......)

10. Passed GS,SGS,ASTM certificate.

Detail Introduction

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The hot springs hot tub cover are our hot sellers. It is made of 25 kg/m2 virgin EPS foam with PE film heat-sealed outside as a protector. Professionally and responsibly, we use PE film as thick as 0.9mm, by this way, the foam can be better locked and protected from steam and vapor. Besides, we use 100% water-proof marine grade vinyl as cover skin. It is UV-resistant, tear resistant, scratch-resistant, mildew-proof and anti cold-cracking to -20 degree. We offer you a 3 years’ warranty to this standard of covers.

How to choose the hot springs hot tub cover?

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Every spa cover, comes out with three purposes:

the first is to retain heat and to reduce energy costs;

the second is to prevent foreign objects from falling into the water;

the third is to keep children and pets from the hot tub where harm could be.

Step 1:

Advising your cover shape, dimension, thickness and other specs like skirt length and cover skin color

Step 2:

Advising which standard of covers you need

There are 3 standards for choices: Premium, Deluxe and Standard

The premium cover

--- is manufactured to withstand harsh weather and climates. For instance, Norway,Finland and Sweden, where heavy snow often and below freezing temperature for months.

The deluxe cover

--- is manufactured to withstand rainy and humid weather, for instance, the UK. Here, you will need a cover that will not absorb water so easy. You know, water-logging is really a headache problem, the cover will get very heavier if it absorb too much water.

The standard cover

--- is manufactured under milder climates, sunny, windy places. It withstands even strong sunny weather.

According to your above choice, we will perfectly custom-make your covers to order.

Product Features of the hot springs hot tub cover:

1. The foam is heat-sealed by 0.9mm thick PE film


●Provide strong protection to the foam

●Create a great barrier to water absorption or vapor

●0.9mm thick PE film to better avoid easy-damage

spa cover foam.jpg

2. Outside Cover Skin

●Block UV rays

●Resist color fading

●Anti cold-cracking

●Mildew proof

●Resist tear and scratch

spa cover skin.jpg

3. Overlapped Skirt


●provide better heat retaining

●prevent heat loss through middle seam

spa cover thermal pad.jpg

4. Reinforced Seam


●Better prevent wear&tear

●Add usage durability

reinforced seam.jpg

5.CAD cutting system


●ensure absolute accuracy (within tolerance of +/-1~2mm)

●Ensure the fitness of the entire cover, it will not be loose

spa cover CAD cutting machine.jpg

Why Do We Need A Spa Cover?

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Spa covers will securely cover your spa so no accidents occurs. It prevents accidental slips and falls. Protect your children or pets from accidently fall into the hot tub.

Heat Reservation

Insulated hot tub covers keep heat trapped so the water retains warmth. This lowers your electricity costs. Typically, water heats up and cools down more slowly than other surfaces so an uncovered spa will utilize a large amount of power to heat up the entire body of water – save money and time by retaining heat in your spa with a fitted spa cover.

Keep away foreign objects

All unwanted foreign objects can be blocked out of the spas, so that your spas can be protected well. Also, a good cover will prolong the usage life of your spas.


What’s the skirt length?

Standard: 11.5cm and can be OEM

What’s the straps used for?

To fasten the cover with your spa, to prevent the kids from opening it.

How many straps?

Standard: 4 pieces.  Can be OEM

Is the straps fixed?

Can be fixed and can be adjustable

Is the straps adjustable?

Can be fixed and can be adjustable

What types of locks do you have?

Two, the center button and the tint release

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