Hot Tub Thermal Cover

​This is not a simple standard cover, but a high-end cover. It targets to be the best mate to all big hot tub brands.

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Product Details

This is not a simple standard cover, but a high-end cover. It targets to be the best mate to all big hot tub brands. Our hot tub thermal cover is outstanding enough to be your best choice if you are intended to find best quality covers. An incomparable sturdy structure, the best qualified material and the most experienced technology and craftsmanship, all together to ensure all the consumers a high-end hot tub thermal cover.

Introduction of the hot tub thermal cover

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We understand there are a lot of hot tub thermal covers for choices in the market, but how to find the best one that mostly fit your hot tubs?

Answers are simply as below:

●The cover need to be of great virgin material.

●It should be of enough thickness and enough density with fully covered protection layer as a complete block to vapor&steam.

●It must be guaranteed with ASTM approved and certain warranty years.

Product Parameter

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hot tub thermal cover


Expanded Polystyrene





Cover Skin Material

Marine Grade Vinyl


Material=Galvanized Steel

Foam protection layer

fiber + Aluminum foil

Skin Material

Marine Grade Vinyl

Cover Skin Color



5 years


PP Woven Bag or Master Carton

Adjustable Straps






Factory Lead Time

10-25 days

Details of Cover Component Parts

Round spa cover details.jpg

Hinge - A critical Connection between two half covers

The hinge is one of the most stress points of a cover. Therefore, it must be made very strong and tough enough. How? We build it with 4 layers of reinforced vinyl. We sew it with reinforced thread to avoid tear. The function of our hinge has been tested by thousands of folds. It is recognized to be a reliable durable hinge, can provide a long-lasting opening and closing of your hot tub thermal cover.

Handles - The part you using to pull or drag the whole cover

Our handles are featured with reinforced and double sewed. They look nice and perfect match of the cover because they are sewed inside, which also add themselves strength and power.

A Special Tracking No on Every Cover to Show Our Guarantee

ASTM certification 1.jpg

spa cover packaging.jpg



Why must the cover foam be a tapered thickness?

In order to let go of the rain and snow and unwanted debris to keep the cover dry and clean and durable.

Will the back-side material of the cover turn dirty with marks caused by chemical water?

Yes, the chemical water will lead to this problem. Therefore, we suggest that, after you use chemical to the water, better to leave the cover open for more than half an hour.

What should I do to make my cover last for a longer life.

●Try to keep it dry after raining or snowing.

●Do not pull or drag it violently.

●Open it with handles instead of straps or skirt.

●Better to use a outer protector as a guard for your cover

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