Replacement Hot Tub Cover

Taisheng replacement hot tub cover is specially designed to be the perfect mate of your deluxe hot tub. It acts as an excellent insulation. Reflecting heat to the hot tub water to make least heat loss. It protects the kids from accidently reaching the hot tub. It covers your hot tub from unwanted damage by harsh weather and rocks&sands. The Roll Covers for Spa is a User-Friendly cover. It make it much easier for a singer person to control the cover open& closed. Its launch attracts customers who is searching for a replacement cover that is lighter and easier to conduct. What’s more, it has an obvious advantage-- prevent water absorbing!

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Product Details

Product Introduction

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Taisheng replacement hot tub cover is the most highly spoken and most trusted name in China.

Form the foam, the vinyl skin, to every single small piece of buckle and thread, you will feel our responsibility to our customers, our professional and our strict attitude to product quality. Do you want a durable cover for your deluxe spas? Do you want a durable cover that can save you a lot from after-service for your customers? We will be your best choice!

Product Parameter of the replacement hot tub cover

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Composing factors

Virgin EPS Foam+Marine Vinly





Material of Inserted Support Channeling

Galvanized Steel

Foam outer protective foil

0.9 mil PE

Technology of the foam protection layer


Cover Skin Color


Cover Skin Type


Cover Skin’s Warranty

3~5 years

Whole Cover’s Warranty

3 years

Adjusted Straps



Woven Bag

Custom made to order


Structure Details of the replacement hot tub cover:

Special C-channel spa cover.jpg

Regarding this outdoor spa cover for sale, we use 100% virgin EPS as the foam material, firm and stable, being able to support 200~300 kgs, Our C-channel is made of 1mm thick heavy-duty zinced iron . It is much stronger and more durable. See, the channeling is inserted inside the foam, so that to make it a much more firmly and stable structure to support more load.  Unlike traditional c-channel inserted on the edge, which will be loose away easily and damage the cover skin afterwards, our C-channel is firmly fixed inside the foam to ensure you a durable and relax usage. Also, there are two black plastic chips on both edge of the panel, in order to prevent the steel channel from going out.

Skin Details of our replacement hot tub covers

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We provides you 17 choices of colors. From color #1001~#1007 are our Standard Type, with a 3-year-warranty.  #1008~#1021 are our Premium Type,with a 5-year-warranty.

It is made of 100% marine-grade vinyl, practical functions as below:

1- UV resistant. The cover skin is able be under the blazing sun last for 1500 hours.

2- Scratch-resistant.

3- Water-proof

4- Tear-resistant

Factory Introduction

Taisheng spa cover company.jpg


What’s the thickness?

12-8cm, 10-7cm, 5’-4’,4’-2’... OEM accepted

How many thickness choices do you have?


What’s the size of cover?

This is depends on your spa size. We can custom make to order

What’s width of the hinge?

Generally 4 cm.

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