Spa Cover Replacement Foam

​We have been manufacturing spa cover for 15 years with ASTM approved. Always concentrating on providing customers with convinced quality, we share a high reputation throughout European and the US markets.

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Product Details

We have been manufacturing spa cover for 15 years with ASTM approved. Always concentrating on providing customers with convinced quality, we share a high reputation throughout European and the US markets. For replacement, we also have spa cover replacement foam. Confidently, our covers will match your deluxe hot tub the most.

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Product Details of the spa cover replacement foam

Spa Covers Details:

1- The core: 25 kg/m3 EPS virgin foam. Thickness: generally 10-6cm, 12-8cm, 5’’-3’’, 4’’-2’’ for choices.

2- A heavy-duty C channel (1mm) is inserted inside the foam to make sure the cover itself can support heavier weight. (traditionally, the C-channel is outside the edge of the foam, which will easily get loose due to heavy load, and will damage the outer protective film easily, then cause unwanted water-absorbing easily)

3- Outside protective film for the core--- 1.0mm PE film / 1.5mm Aluminum foil. In case to protect the core from absorbing steam and vapor. And to prevent mildew and deformation.

4- Two Standard Handles. On edge of each side. They are sewed inside the leather, in case of leather burst caused by needle holes.

5- 4 adjustable straps with locks. They can be custom made also. Firmly lock to the spas to avoid any access of children climbing and push.

6- 11.5cm standard Cover Skirt. It can be custom made also. Logo OEM acceptable.

7- A long thermal pad in the middle of two half covers, in order to prevent heat from getting loss. We have 3 types of thermal pad available for choices. A full long one, a long one + two small pads, two small pads only.  A full long thermal pad would be the best choice of heat-reservation.

8- Skin Colors. There are 17 colors available for choices. And There are two standards of quality.

9- Bottom Skin--PVC waterproof cloth/ black mesh for choices.

10- Packaging -- PE woven bag / Master carton

What Cover Shapes can we Make:

●Square / Square with round corners

square PVC Spa Cover.jpg


Octagon PVC Spa Cover.jpg


Round black spa cover.jpg

●Umbrella form

PVC Spa Cover.jpg

●All special shapes...

Special spa cover.jpg

How to choose the best cover specially for you?

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We are not just a manufacturer of a wide range of spa covers and spa accessories, we focus mostly on top quality. And also custom made from spa cover replacement foam,cover replacement skin to every single thread and spare parts. We have rich experiences cooperating with top hot tub brands around the world.

Advising your cover shape, dimension, Radius corner (square with round corner needed) and other specs like skirt length, cover skin color, we will custom-make your covers to order.

Mainly, we’ve got three standard of covers---The premium, the deluxe and the standard cover.

The premium cover

--- is manufactured to withstand harsh weather and climates. For instance, Norway,Finland and Sweden, where heavy snow often and below freezing temperature for months.

The deluxe cover

--- is manufactured to withstand rainy and humid weather, for instance, the UK. Here, you will need a cover that will not absorb water so easy. You know, water-logging is really a headache problem, the cover will get very heavier if it absorb too much water.

The standard cover

--- is manufactured under milder climates, sunny, windy places. It withstands even strong sunny weather.

How to Measure the Cover Radius of your spa cover replacement foam

Radius Corber measurement.png

Our Covers are guaranteed with ASTM F 1346-91 certificate:

What is ASTM International?

ASTM International is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. Some 12,575 ASTM voluntary consensus standards operate globally. The organization's headquarters is in West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, about 5 mi (8.0 km) northwest of Philadelphia.

Founded in 1898 as the American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials, ASTM International predates other standards organizations such as the BSI (1901), IEC (1906), DIN (1917), ANSI (1918), AFNOR (1926), and ISO (1947).

Taisheng covers are independently certified to exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F1346-91), which sets safety standards for spa covers.

Our Packaging



1- The samples are free?

No. The sample and freight cost will be on customers’ charge

2- Sample delivery estimate time?

2~5 days

3- How many shapes do you have?

Square, round, octagon and etc. Can custom made to order

4- What’s the material of the C-Channel?

Galvanized Steel

5- What’s the function of the C-Channel?

Offer much better power to  your cover to support heavier load

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