Roll Covers For Spa

​The Roll Covers for Spa is a User-Friendly cover. It make it much easier for a singer person to control the cover open& closed.

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Product Details

The Roll Covers for Spa is a User-Friendly cover. It make it much easier for a singer person to control the cover open& closed. Its launch attracts customers who is searching for a replacement cover that is lighter and easier to conduct. What’s more, it has an obvious advantage-- prevent water absorbing!

Product Introduction of the Roll Covers for Spa

roll-cover detail.jpg

This Roll Cover for spa is the most innovative cover among the markets. It is a fully structure of insulation foam, support arms and a perfect outer layer. It is Easy to conduct singly and convenient to storage. Besides, it has an excellent heat insulation effect, because it’s a fully structure and there isn’t any seam here, less heat loss. What’s more, the this roll covers for spa can prevent getting very heavier, because it seldom absorb water thanks to excellent foam layer. By this way, it really can save you a lot from worrying about how to deal with the thrown-away water-logging foam.

Specifications of Roll Covers for Spa:


TS-Rolling Cover Series


Waterproof Cloth + foam


#1017 Grey



Cover Skin Material

Excellent Oxford waterproof Cloth


Can be Rolled

Insulation layer



Maximum width --2.5 metre;

Maximum length--OEM

Cover Skin Color Choices



1~3 years


Wooden Case or Woven Bag


Standard:4pcs; can be OEM

ASTM approved








Features of the Roll Covers for Spa

UV resistance.jpg

1-Convenient to use and store.

2-A complete frame to retain retain and make less heat-loss

3-Absorb less water

4-Best protector to your spa, prevent all unwanted foreign objects

5-UV protection, it can protect your hot up from sun blading. Up to 1000 hours.

Detail of the Roll Covers for Spa


Its outer layer is made of high quality imported Oxford-cloth. This cloth has outstanding advantage of scratch-resistant, water-proof, durable and UV protection.

From the cloth to every single thread, we focus on quality. Also, our responsibility to every customer.

How to use this Roll Covers for Spa?

rolling cover.jpg

Easily follow the below 2 steps

1-Stand on one side of the spa, your left hand is on the cover, and then the right hand to lift it up

2-Roll it circle by circle until the below picture

3-You can leave it on the edge of the spa. Or you can put in on a lifter. Also you can lay it on the floor.

Factory Introduction



1-Is the roll cover water-proof?


2-Do I need to know the Radius corner of the roll cover before I place order?


3-Does it need a lifter to help its opened and closed?

No, just open it by hand singly is enough.

4-Can it protect a child from falling into the spa?

Sure. It is ASTM approved. It can support the weight of 200KGS. Also, there are safty straps and locks to fasten and fix to the spa.

5-Does it absorb water often?

No. It absorb much less water than the traditional bio-fold covers.

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