Swim Covers

  • Rollable Spa Covers

    Rollable Spa Covers

    The Rollable spa covers are innovative items specially designed for swim spas. It’s an ideal alternative to the traditional covers in the market. It’s a fully structure of foam, supporters and outer protector.Read More
  • Inground Swimming Pool Covers

    Inground Swimming Pool Covers

    ​Taisheng (TSPK) is committed to creating the best inground swimming pool covers available while offering you the best quality, warranty, service and fast delivery.Read More
  • Swimming Pool Covers

    Swimming Pool Covers

    Each swim pool cover we make, as are all of our swimming pool covers, is come out with computer aided design – CAD.Read More
  • Swim Spa Cover Roll Up

    Swim Spa Cover Roll Up

    Last year, Taisheng swim spa roll up cover comes out to the market. Since its launched, we got pretty good feedback and its purchasing need is growing up rapidly.Read More
  • Roll Up Hot Tub Cover

    Roll Up Hot Tub Cover

    Have you ever imagine about a hot tub or swim spa cover that is totally different from the bio-fold one? It should better to be a lighter cover,easier to move and carry, for one person can handle, that would be really ideal.Read More
  • DIY Rolling Hot Tub Cover

    DIY Rolling Hot Tub Cover

    We supply DIY rolling hot tub cover with 3 years warranty. Being the first and most professional manufacturer of the Rolling Cover in China, we provide you the highest cost-effective product.Read More
  • Swim Pool Spa Lid

    Swim Pool Spa Lid

    The swim pool spa lid are specially designed for long spas of a standard width within 2.4 metre and the length of 3 to 6.8 metre.Read More
  • Swim Spa Pool Covers

    Swim Spa Pool Covers

    Taisheng Spa Accessories is the largest spa cover manufacturer in China. We ship 5000~8000 pieces of spa covers, among this, 500~800 pieces are swim spa pool covers.Read More
Taisheng Sanitary Ware now has high-quality swim covers with ASTM certification for sale, which is well-known as one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various equipment used for spa in China. Now, welcome to buy low price swim covers products at a discount with our factory, which can offer timely consulting service and fast delivery.