Inground Swimming Pool Covers

​Taisheng (TSPK) is committed to creating the best inground swimming pool covers available while offering you the best quality, warranty, service and fast delivery.

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Product Details

Taisheng (TSPK) is committed to creating the best inground swimming pool covers available while offering you the best quality, warranty, service and fast delivery. Our inground swimming pool covers are CAD developed and precision manufactured featuring materials and design in accordance with the industry’s highest standards.

About Our Swimming Pool Covers

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Taisehng inground swimming pool covers providing every customer the best safety which is especially important if you have children or pets that can get near your spa or hot tub which is why Taisheng covers are all ASTM certified. All of our swim spa covers, inground swimming pool covers and hot tub covers meet or exceed the rigorous ASTM cover safety standards. You should also know that many municipal building codes require ASTM-compliant hot tub covers to be used.

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Model Name

inground swimming pool covers


Expanded Polystyrene

Foam thickness


Foam Density


Skin material

High weight Marine vinyl


Two steel channels on both edges

Foam protective layer

White PE foil

Skirt height


Skin Color



1~3 years


Woven Bag/Master Carton


Depends on request

Velco seam

Yes, velco seam to connect every two cover panels

A Special “H” Channel

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There is a special  “H” Channel positions inside our inground swimming pool covers. This is a magic key to the cover, because, with it, your cover can bear twice of the load- a real walk-on standard. This is the premium standard of the pool cover. There is an “H” channel in every panel.

How to Choose the cover thickness?

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For cold climate areas where there is heavy snow often in winter, absolutely you need inground swimming pool covers to bear very heavy load. It must be a real walk-on standard cover.

We suggest you thickness of 17-8cm or 16-7cm.

For humid and rainy climate areas like UK, you will need inground swimming pool covers that are with best prevent water absorption effect, also, a not so thick cover is enough.

Here, we suggest you cover thickness of 14-5cm, with aluminum foil wrapped

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An Important Tracking Number on Every Cover



Q:Can I require my inground swimming pool covers to be flat instead of tapered height from the middle to the edge?

A:Yes, we can also make a flat one. However, we recommend a tapered height because it can remove water faster to prevent water-logging.

Q:Do I need any straps if my pool is under ground?

A: If you want the cover to look beautiful, you won’t need the additional straps. But if you want to pull or drag the cover by the straps, you can add them.

Q: Is the inground swimming pool covers meet ASTM standard?

A: Yes, it is ASTM approved.

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