Swim Pool Spa Lid

The swim pool spa lid are specially designed for long spas of a standard width within 2.4 metre and the length of 3 to 6.8 metre.

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Product Details

swim pool spa lid

The swim pool spa lid are specially designed for long spas of a standard width within 2.4 metre and the length of 3 to 6.8 metre. The reason why our swim spa covers are different, is that we totally use high density 100% virgin Expanded Polystyrene as foam core material, which is strong and tough enough to provide better heat retaining and to support heavy snow load, offering you a best protector for your deluxe swim spas.

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Something about the inground swim pool spa lid?

When it comes to a swim pool spa lid of 4 metre long, a 4 panel spa cover is your choice. When it comes to a 6 metre long spa, a 6 panel spa cover is your choice. And when it comes to a 5 metre spa, a 4 panel or a 5 panel spa cover can be chosen. To decide the swim spa covers, we should first of all decide which thickness to start. As the cover should be of tapered shape in order to remove water or snow, the middle thickness should be more and the edge less.  Generally, we have 14~6cm, 16~8cm, and 18~8cm as standard thickness. Also, we can custom made to order for your specially. If you are in a colder area with heavy snow in winter often, a thicker cover is needed to support heavier load and to ensure a better R-value.

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Really Strong Structures of the swim pool spa lid

You know what? To guarantee the strength of every swim spa cover, besides using the most high density EPS foam, we will have two reinforced galvanized steel channel on both edges of one cover panel. This is a very stable structure, tough enough to support the climbing of small kids or pets as well as snow load.

Below is how the two galvanized steel channel positioned. It is inserted inside the foam instead of simple on the outside edge traditionally. Anything different? Yes, if the steel channel is inside the foam, it will not go out and will not damage the outer protective film which is intended to protect your foam from vapor or steam.  Do you know, the traditional steel channel is only on the edge of the foam rim, this is very easy to get loose and come out when heavy load occurs. Then it will easily damage the outer protective foil and lead to water absorption.

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Product Parameter

strong durable leather.jpg

Model Name

swim pool spa lid


Expanded Polystyrene

Foam thickness


Foam Density


Skin material

High weight Marine vinyl


Two steel channels on both edges

Foam protective layer

White PE foil

Skirt height


Skin Color



1~3 years


Woven Bag/Master Carton


Depends on request

Velco seam

Yes, velco seam to connect every two cover panels



Factory Lead Time

10-20 days

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Q:I have a swim spa, size is 2.3metrex6.7 metre, can I use the swim pool spa lid?

A:Yes, we can custom make the swim pool spa lid as wide as 2.4 metre and as long as 8 metre.

Q:How many pieces of cover penal do I need if my swim spa is a 7 metre one?

A: You can choose both a 6 panel swim spa cover or a 7 panel swim spa cover.

Q: Are the swim pool spa lid tapered from the middle to the edge or is flat? Each cover panel is of the same height?

A: Our inground swimming pool covers are tapered from the middle to the edge. They are not flat. Each cover panel is thicker on one side and thinner on the other.

Q:How can I confirm the radius corner?


Measure the R corner.png

A:1, you need a carpenter's square.

2, place the carpenter’s square on the corner of your existing cover or on the corner of your hot tub.

3, From the inside corner of the carpenter’s square--A to the point where it first touches the hot tub--B. The distance--R is exactly the radius of the rounded corner.

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